How do you recognise a good energy monitoring solution?

Elnet measuring solutions are defined by advanced hardware and user friendly software solutions. With Elnet devices we are boosting your competitive advantages on the market.

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Welcome to ELNET meters!

Today there are many Power and Energy Quality meters  on the market. But there are only few with an excellent ratio between price and performance! We proudly present you Elnet electrical analyzers. The meters are user friendly with intuitive menus but hight-tech behind. They are suitable for all projects where you need to deal with the measurements in the electrical network. There is also another point which differentiate us from many others and this is our flexibility to adopt functionality of our meters per user demands.

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Welcome To ELNET meters!

Today on the market there are many Power and Energy Quality meters. But there are only few with an excellent ratio between price and performance! We present you Elnet electrical analyzers, which are suitable for all projects where you need to deal with the measurements in the electrical network. In their development process, special efforts have been put on easy and user friendly usage.

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Unwanted events in the electrical network can reflect in different defects and problems with the equipment

Do you know how Reactive energy, Flickers, High harmonic distortions, Leakage currents can cause problems? Do you know that the consequences are usually expensive in form of breakdowns and defects of sensitive equipment and devices?

Not to mention the costs of the downtime of equipment, it is a fact that the rise of temperature by 10°C in operating temperatures of motors and capacitors cuts the lifetime of equipment by 50%.

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The mission of Elnet products is clear: offering you the best measuring solutions to avoid the negative effects of harmonic distortions in electrical networks. With Elnet devices we want to boost your competative advantages on the market. Our goal is to help you to thrive in today’s market and to amaze your customers!

Which characteristic of Elnet power and multimeters will make the biggest difference for you?

Easy to use

All Elnet devices come with easy to use User Interfaces. The Menus are translated into main global languages and logically structured.

Best price/performance ratio

There are different multimeters and powermeters out there on the market. We can guarantee you that the price/performance ratio of the Elnet meters is class leading.

State of the art technology

WEB servers, TCP/IP communication and modern colour screens – all this creates extraordinary Customer Experiences.

Complete solution with software

The data that is collected from the meters can be analysed and stored with state of the art software: from the freeware like the CA Logger, to the advanced Elnet WEB and special Elnet WEB-PQ.

Wide range of models solves every situation

No matter what technical challenge you have to master, in the wide Elnet model range you will find the right device: from the simples like the Elnet VIP to the most advanced like the Elnet PQ.

Worldwide shipping

The shipping of Elnet multimeters from our WEB shop is worldwide. The shipping costs are calculated instantaneously.

Elnet Power and Multimeters in numbers:

The highest harmonic that can be monitored with the Elnet GR/PQ/LT

Different Elnet products in our Online Shop

Samples per cycle


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Whenever using Elnet multimeters for energy consumption optimizations it’s good to keep in mind:

What Gets Measured Gets Managed!

Peter Drucker

writer, professor and management consultant

What’s new?

Class A – Elnet PQ

We are happy to inform that today we are part of a very limited group of companies in the world.               Bellow please find our new Certificate of Conformity –   IEC 61000-4-30 Ed. 2 (2008) Class A that related to power quality monitoring. Models Elnet PQ and PQD PSL 61000-4-30 CLASS A Certificate - Final - CNTL App » Post PSL 61000-4-30 CLASS A Certificate - Final - CNTL_App.pdf 171.5 KiB 4 Downloads Details Category:CE Certificate Date:July 31, 2017...

New model Elnet VP

Have you ever thought about to have a basic electrical voltage/current measuring device that would replace old “old – school” mechanical meters? Well, the Elnet VP is that meter. It was designed to replace mechanical meters. It can be set up to display either Voltage or Current. The display can also alternate between Voltage and Current every 2 seconds. More details at:...

Elnet Power and Energy Quality meters mission video

The mision of  Elnet Power and Energy Quality meters is to offering you the best measuring solutions to avoid the negative effects of harmonic distortions in electrical networks. Creating clarity and energy electrical energy syavings. There for we have created a video about Elnet energy monitoring solutions. You can take a look at: You are welcome to comment, share and...

Elnet LT and LT TCP/IP 30% off in the launch phase!

Dear All! Our mission is to provide the best solutions in the field of measurements for our customers. Because of this we have launched the all new Elnet Online shop. The Elnet Online shop offers all the latest Elnet electrical energy monitoring equipment at your mouse click. As our gift for the launch phase, we have prepared a Special coupon: “ elnetlt30” What does the Special coupon? It offers a discount of -30% for the Elnet LT and Elnet LT TCP multimeters How to use the coupon? Insert the coupon in the cart, enter it in the Coupon code filed (marked with red dotted line) and hit the Appy Coupon button. Total amount should be corrected. The coupon is valid till 30th September 2015 or till the stock lasts. To your...

Turn energy transparent consumption into your biggest market advantage!

by Feniks pro team

  • Modern measurement equipment can help you to crate the needed clarity with which you can take your energy efficiency to a complete new level.
  • It is not just electronics and a little bit of wires. With a vision and a definite plan you can turn the Elnet energy monitoring equipment into a tool for creating a difference in your and the lives of your customers.
  • We have prepared an E-book based on more than 20 years of our experience with the name: “The 4 golden rules of measuring energy”.
  • It is an absolute must-read for every energy manager.

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Unique features that are adding value and saving your money and time

Elnet meters are striving to make a difference in the world of Energy monitoring. This is achieved with unique features that you will shift your understanding about Energy consumption monitoring

Colour displays and Web browsing capability

Modern colour displays are making the perfect firts impression. Controlling the meters over the internet as you were in front of them – saves travelling costs and makes maintenence much easier.

Software that is supplementing the hardware

Freeware and paid Software solutions that enable collecting data from the meters. Depending of the Application the data can be collected, stored, exported and analysed directly. Take a look at ElnetWEB and Elnet WEB-PQ.

Multi channel metering

Multi channel matering devices as the unique Elnet MC are the perfect way to safe time and money. Space in electrical cabinets is alwasy limited and needs to be used up very rational. An ideal way to monitor large number of Lines with single device. Elnet MC is the perfect solution for data centers.

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Nice with the (function) live view, that I can test the instrument before buying. Fast delivery and good service.


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